Shelley Hesse’s artwork is inside thousands of homes, take a look inside hers

From WGNO March 2016,

METAIRIE(WGNO)-- Although you wouldn't guess it now, once upon a time Shelley Hesse didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. She left New Orleans at the age of 24 and moved to Paris to find herself, with just $500 in savings and a job as a tutor. She roamed the halls of museums during her time abroad and came to her senses in front of a work of art. It was there she realized painting was her passion, and she wanted to try and make a life out of it.

Hesse loved to draw as a child but gave it up at the age of 12 to create written works of art instead. She attended UGA for journalism, and was a rising young star but it wasn't the right fit. After her time in Paris, she went against her better judgement and decided to give being an artist a try, picking back up the paint brush, and packing her bags for home, New Orleans. It was there she was discovered by a local gallery owner who gave her the first pay check.



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