Forever I only showed my writing to very close friends, never thinking it was any good, or that it should be anything other than a private dialogue that I have between myself and the world around me.  The endless inspiration of nature, of light, of color, emotion that is triggered by a smell or a gesture, a kind word, or a deep pain.  They are stories, memories, streams of consciousness, my blood and my guts.  I’m not drawn to social media, and I find it impossible to explain the creative process or to do it any justice, so I hope that these words somehow lend a hand.  They are now out there, exposed for the first time, and they will be understood and misunderstood, but hopefully once in a blue moon, they will inspire a kindred spirit, some other soul whose heart speaks the same language as mine.  To connect with them, even if I’m unaware that it is happening, is simply the point of it all.  To uplift, to spread love and light onto every single living breathing being on the face of the earth.  We are animals too, even if we forget it most of the time, and I believe that naturalness that lies deep within us all is the purest, most beautiful part of who we are.  To honor it and treat it with kindness.  To see it in other people, even strangers on the street, see it in the mighty animals that cling to this earth for dear life, see it in a tree or a mountain, the sea foaming with life, a patch of sunlight, a cluster of stars, the timeless interconnectedness of it all, the intricate web of all living things shining as one life.


Night Sea Far
Crown of Thorns Pheasant Hunt
Sun On A Way Back
Dreamer Night
Jubilee She Is The Flat of a Hand
Enraptured Soul Modern Man
Waterbirds In Her Hair
Serge Nugget
Shoot It Like  Rubber Band Having Babies
Too Young Poppie
Another Time Broken Back


 Night Sea
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