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RECENT NEWS I am collaborating with Anthropologie to create items for their Home Department! Look for my label Shelley Hesse in stores and online beginning in March 2010. Possible creations include fine bedding, dessert plates, drapes, candles, throw pillows, and a rug using my artwork. It is so exciting to be working with such a nationally recognized and respected creative team. It's a dream come true!

Anthropologie: Spring 2010 Anthropologie
Press: New York Magazine online March 2010
Press: Times Picayune/ April 2010

Shelley Hesse

Born in New Orleans in 1973, Shelley Hesse has been exposed to a culture rich in art and imagery. Her French roots led her to Paris in her early twenties where she discovered that her true calling was to be an artist. Shelley works primarily in soft pastel, watercolor, and ink on fine Italian paper. Self-taught, she prefers independent study and travel to the classroom, which has allowed her to develop a unique style. The art scene in New Orleans and beyond has embraced Shelley's work, and she is quickly becoming a well-known New Orleans artist. She has shown her work in local galleries, yet she currently sells her work by appointment at her studio and through annual exhibitions in spots such as Greenwich and Martha's Vineyard. To date Shelley has participated in over twenty art exhibitions.

"Self-expression is about peeling away the layers. When I was young, I first discovered the many layers of plants and berries, a neighbor's wall of crumbling brick, a pinecone or a small feather. They all fascinated me because within each was a hidden core. I soon realized it was the same with people, so I started with myself, peeling away until I found my heart and all of its wants and wishes. I then learned how to live there. At times it is hard because life asks so much of us; it is hardly all dreams and girlhood wonder. It is through my art that I am able to find and express the best part of who I am and who I want to be. I try to reveal what is whole and unbreakable in all of us. That is from where the images, lines, colors, and patterns emerge. Each piece of art has a different story behind it, but each is born from the same place of peace, a place which still believes that I am that little girl."

S. Hesse

New Orleans 2006